I have never touched a gyroscope. I have, however, been strapped inside the center of a gigantic gyroscope. The object, modeled after the original small device, let me spin in any direction of the third dimension. The base remained steady and I whirled and twirled in the middle. Nauseous, I dismounted the machine and saw the long wooden floor boards detach from their rooting and rise to strike me on the head. Out.

I awake eight seconds later, the little white poodle sniffs me, the cameraman smiles, holds thumbs up. I did a good job. Independent movies are so weird.


One response to “Gyroscope

  1. I think it’s interesting that the words you use in this often pair together (whirl and twirl), because I found the same thing in my writing. But you break up the poetic fluff when you dismount the machine. The contrast in the two styles nicely accentuates the different movements you experience in this blurb.

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