Plan for my Final Media Piece

1.    I will start with photographs of kids playing in a schoolyard, and with ambient noise of laughter, talking, and other recess sounds. Eventually the noise will turn into silence and then music (dramatic) with a picture of a group staring at an odd one out. Then I will start speaking the story in the form of answers to questions. I will indicate that this takes place in Paris rather than say it anywhere.

Storyline: So what?
1.    Through the absurdity and hilarity of questions posed to me by French kids about being a New York City kid, I became self-aware about my identity as an American. I have a soundtrack in mind for the background.
2.    At first I answered the questions honestly, perplexed by the ridiculous questions. Over time, I had fun with these questions because they were directed only at me, even though I was being asked about New York City as a whole, and occasionally, about the United States as a whole.
3.    The piece will have a pivot point when I start answering questions ironically. I will edit the set of accompanying images for this section, and instead of a real picture of New York, I will place a red apple on top of the Empire State Building. I will repeat some of the same images with small edits. The music for this section will be quick-paced, playful, and a little crazy, with a jazzy undertone. I may add sound effects.
4.    Towards the end, the storyline will change to my reflections (with more showing than telling, hopefully) about being an American versus a French person.


3 responses to “Plan for my Final Media Piece

  1. just and idea:
    have you thought about using french spoken language (in addition to english?) my final piece is also about france and one of the things i want to do is introduce some of the language in order to establish a sense of contrast. if you’re trying to focus on identity and on distinctions between different identities, language might be a great tool. in some of the observations that you read this afternoon, you had english sentences with random french words, and when you read them you pronounced the french words as they are meant to be said but then went right back to engligh…something like that might work really well to establish duality and a sense of distinction simultaneously…

  2. That’s a great idea Jessica. Thank you, I absolutely will do that.

  3. hey thats a pretty good idea… i must say….. i’ll be looking forward for when it has been finished….

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