Responses to 14 Pieces of Music

1. Don’t forget that you promised to bring me with you after I finished my obligations.

2. Hot and spicy for you madam, or would you like a milder version?

3. She ran around the beige carpet, wishing she were somewhere bigger, better, grander, than her suburban home.

4. We’re on the road again, fifteen kilometers to Paris les garcons.

5. The asphalt has sparkly mica in it so that people like you have something to be dazzled about when you walk to school, sweetie.

6. Lacy pink tutus and white nylon stockings describe nothing about your personality.

7. In his studio, he has bins and bins of Tibetan beads and Indian dyes, and he provides the world with his art.

8. The white sand flies through the air and wisps of grit blind the camels.

9. You can only enter the basement if you have the password or a Djembe drum.

10. Watch out girls, don’t get too close to the yellow line.

11. I sip my chardonnay and watch the frivolous conversation blur into superficial eye contact until the couples are intoxicated enough to pursue their animalistic ambitions.

12. Honey, come this way, let’s dance.

13. He storms out from the castle ready to follow orders, bearing his sword and shield, and prepared to mount his stallion.

14. There is too much for you to see in this city, so just choose a place and get to know it really well.


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