Reflections on a Saturday morning

Owning your morning.

On weekends, when there is no class, there are few obligations in the morning hours. It is in this time that I am able to step away from the successive events of the week and look at life from an aerial view.

After seeing Will Hunt’s photographs, I was reminded of a project that I saw in New York City, near my apartment. Around Greenwich Village and SoHo, there are many strips of sidewalk that are crumbling and have resilient weeds pushing through, surviving the crowd’s shoes and urban pollution. An artist with a green thumb (whose name I do not know) planted beautiful flower gardens in these little cracks in different places around my neighborhood. If someone were walking quickly by the gardens, they would be easy to overlook. But the flowers and green shoots that the artist chose to plant were very beautiful and intricate. They lasted for a while and I could spend an hour looking at each one.

In the artist’s own way, these gardens told a story. Unlike Revs, the artist wrote no words and may not even have signed a name, but the work and aesthetic talent behind each city gem created a world of its own. The artist knew which flowers to plant—ones that would last for more than a week in the unique bustling climate of New York City.

On Saturday mornings in high school, when I occasionally had a few hours to myself, I would look for these miniature gardens. Sometimes I found new ones, sometimes I returned to old ones, but frequently the old ones disappeared.


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