The veins in your hands are maps. At the crossroad near your thumb, your pulse diverges and reminds your heart to beat.

The spaces between your teeth are maps. Each line points up to the roots in your gums, and points down to your lip.

The cracks in your tongue are maps. Follow the cracks, and you will find your taste buds clustered in exclusive groups.

The knots in your hair are maps. Unfold them and find an aerial view with streams and paths.

The cartilage folds of your ear are maps. Glide along them and find a way inside.


3 responses to “Maps

  1. I love how the word maps inspired you to write about the human body. As I read everyone else’s 100 words on maps, yours is in a unique context. I really like the adjectives you use in describing the hands, teeth, tongue, hair, and ears.

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  3. This is such an interesting way to write this Cloe. On the surface, it has nothing to do with maps, but it makes perfect sense. I particularly like the first description where the pulse reminds the heart to beat. The personification here makes the image much stronger.

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